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Video Surveillance

Security solutions

CVSI offers a variety of video surveillance options that we customize for each customer’s specific needs to effectively monitor, assess and record unwanted events in your industrial or commercial spaces. CVSI  solutions are comprehensive including high definition cameras, digital video storage, networking infrastructure and video management systems.  We also offer both IP-based and legacy analog cameras and recorders depending on the needs of your site or compatibility with a preexisting system.

CVSI partners with industry-leading suppliers to offer the best performance and value including Exacq Technologies, OnSSI, Axis Communications, Sony, Arecont, Dell, Iomnis and others.  CVSI video surveillance solutions will meet your needs and matches your budget with a long and reliable service life

Video Surveillance
Key card and access control

Access Control

Incorporating access control into your corporate, industrial, or government facility not only ensures the safety of a facility but also allows you to restrict access to specific areas.  CVSI offers a variety of access control options, but primarily specialize in electronic-based access control which utilizes intelligent control panels and cloud-based services to control and track access to your facility. The solutions we provide are completely scalable and range in sophistication from key fob or key card access to biometric identification.

Fever Screening

CVSI offers a full complement of temperature scanning tools and solutions to help you safely reopen your school campus, office or workplace. These contact-free infrared temperature sensors provide accurate real-time temperature measurements for faster screening and optional mask detection to help your employees and customers stay safe while abiding the state-mandated compliance orders. High throughput, contact-less solutions are perfect for schools, offices and municipal buildings.  

Body Temperature Fever Screening
Interview Recording

Interview Recording

At CVSI, we are proud to offer a turn-key interview recording solution that provides a reliable, high-quality evidentiary recording for a range of applications, including law enforcement investigations, social services, health and safety investigations and clinical research. AVFUSION combines state-of-the-art recording technology along with enhanced security and scalability in order to deliver an economical, industry leading solution.AVFUSION offers world-class video capture and delivery capability. The Interview Recording System can be installed in new rooms, retrofitted to existing rooms or installed to fit a variety of settings. CVSI’s security professionals are the leading installer of interview room recording systems across North Carolina and other regional locations. Contact us today to learn more about this solution.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Incorporating perimeter detection systems at your utility, municipal or industrial facility allows protection to begin at the property line. At CVSI, we offer a wide variety of perimeter detection solutions offering you a customized a solution that meets your needs specifically.


CVSI’s perimeter detection solutions incorporate a variety of technologies including fiber optic cable and fence-mounted detection systems,  thermal cameras, video analytics, outdoor motion detectors, license plate recognition cameras, buried cable and others. The technologies we incorporate into these solutions are field-proven for military, industrial and commercial applications and designed to increase the probability of detection and identify a disturbance or intruder before they enter your property under all weather conditions. Contact CVSI today to learn more about our perimeter detection options.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection.PNG
Emergency Notification Systems

Emergency Notification Systems

Ensuring the safety of your academic, municipal or commercial facility is a high priority for any employer. CVSI offers a comprehensive multi-modal solution for Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) /  Mass Notification Systems (MNS) applications to increase the safety of your facility. At CVSI we offer IP-based distributed overhead and outdoor paging, IP-based emergency call boxes and door stations, digital signage, alarm, siren, intercom,  SMS-texting and social media integrated solutions to meet your facilities’ specific needs.  Our solutions also allow for integration of multiple notification features and existing technology at your facility to maximize your emergency response plan.

Remote and Wireless Surveillance Kits

For needs across multiple sites, CVSI offers a Wireless Remote surveillance Kit. This solution features HD quality video, ample video storage, easy installation and the ability to view a large area by incorporating the Axis P55/P56/Q60 cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities. The kit is durable, outdoor-ready and designed as a single unit, fully integrated with local recording capability and wireless communications for live remote viewing through a user-friendly video management system.

Visit our Youtube Channel to learn more about the features this solution offers.

Remote and wireless Surveillance Cameras
Security Camera Trailer

Security Trailers

Tow it anywhere - setup it up in minutes.  Our turn-key security trailers incorporate a solar power system, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and Panoramic cameras with LED flood lights to create an outdoor-ready, vandal-resistant surveillance solution ideal for an array of industries and situations. This solution also features an easy-to-use web-interface which allows the user to monitor video and the power system performance of the trailer remotely. The trailer also includes an integrated PV panel, charge controller / inverter and battery bank power system for continuous day-night operation.  To learn more about this solution, visit our Youtube Channel for more information.

Streaming Cameras

CVSI’s Streaming Camera solution gives you the ability to showcase anything your town or business has to offer. Acting as your own tv channel, put a spotlight on any event, venue, park and local attraction. Working with Camstreamer technology turn your camera into a live streaming device that has been designed to link up with Facebook Live or YouTube.


Providing live 24/7 camera coverage CVSI's Streaming Camera Solution gives users the tools to manage, customize, and showcase any detail in stunning HD quality. Camstreamer offers overlay graphics allowing users to show dynamic graphics such as weather or sports results and fully customized text graphics. With no recurring costs, CVSI's Streaming Camera solution provides rich video day or night

More Information 

Streaming Camera
Solar Farm Security

Solar Farm & Utility Substation Security Systems

CVSI offers customizable security options for your Solar Farm or Utility Substation. CVSI solutions integrate perimeter detection, video surveillance, automated deterrence response system, access control and remote monitoring and video verification services together for a complete security system that will ensure the safety of your property and equipment.  With a vast amount of experience securing critical infrastructure, large properties and valuable assets, CVSI offers expertise, demonstrable track record and custom designed solutions to meet your agencies specific security needs.

Digital Signage

CVSI’s Digital Signage solutions give your screens meaning. Our partnership with Screen Cloud uses your digital displays to inform employees, customers, clients, and students in real-time. No more wasteful pamphlets or posters; our Cloud based system, useful in any environment, allows you to share public and internal information instantly and reliably.


The all-in-one pricing model provides a rich app store for weather, news and sports, plus customizable applications and feeds to enhance your own original content.  This budget and user friendly solution is field-proven to engage your audience. CVSI will work with your budget and evolving needs to ensure your digital signage solutions are useful and relevant.

Digital Signage
Smart Sensor

Smart Sensors

Any physical security system can be enhanced with smart sensors.  CVSI can offer you a wide variety of smart sensors for vaping detection, chemical detection, air quality, temperature, humidity, moisture and sound.


CVSI will make these sensors and integrated part of your physical security and video management systems so that you experience a consolidated and coordinated view of your facility.


 CVSI offers a complete suite of sensors from Halo and Swift Sensors that are integrated with our cloud-managed video surveillance solution - EagleEye Networks.  Swift Sensor offers the most cost-effective wireless sensor and cloud monitoring solution.


No matter what you need to detect or monitor, CVSI can provide a cost-effective and reliable solution to meet your needs.

Cell Signal Boosters

CVSI’s is a Certified Installer Level I / II for Surecall's complete line of cell signal boosters.  Reliable mobile communications anywhere in your facilities is not a personal luxury, it is a business necessity as more and more enterprises depend on smartphone-enabled business applications.


CVSI follows a detailed survey and planning process to ensure your solution provides reliable results.    If you've considered distributed antenna systems (DAS), you'll understand the complicated process and high expense.   Surecall-based cell signal boosters (Passive DAS) are pre-approved by the FCC and all cellular carriers and full systems costs are a fraction of full DAS systems.


Surecall will improve cell signals in office and commercial buildings.  Stop dropped calls in commercial and industrial buildings by boosting cell signal for spaces up to 500,000 square feet - improve voice, text and 4G LTE data signals for every US cell carrier.

Cell Signal Boosters
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