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Occupancy Monitoring and Control Solutions

Real time occupancy monitoring and control is critical to the safety of your customers, employees and business. Automated traffic counters installed at building entrances and exits, can help ensure your business is complying with up to date occupancy and social distance requirements.  

Occupancy Control systems can be augmented with mask compliance or temperature monitoring systems for a complete workplace solution. 

CVSI offers a variety of Occupancy Monitoring Solutions that are: 

  • Fast and Accurate: Each door monitor can measure entrances and exits with 98% accuracy. Additional monitors can be added for multiple entries or exits.  

  • Fully Automated & Contactless : No need to hire additional staff or put existing staff at unnecessary risk. These occupancy monitoring stations are fully automatic and non-contact. Occupancy warnings can trigger audible alarms, visual messages or send alerts to your computer, tablet or phone.

  • Easy to Setup and Use - Our system experts will help you design, setup and implement the right system for you. Once setup is complete, the system is reliable and easy to use.

Call CVSI at (919) 838-4960 for a free consultation.

Why Carolina Video Security? 

Trusted Partner

Our expert team can help design, setup and install a system that meets your specific needs. Once the system is installed, we can provide on-site or remote training to relevant staff and maintain and service the equipment as needed.


We have over a decade of experience working with Schools, Private and Government Offices and other workplaces in North Carolina on security and safety solutions. 

Full Service

In addition to a full range of o occupancy monitoring and control devices, we offer a complement of safety solutions such as mask detection, temperature screening, video monitoring and hands-free entry doors. 


CVSI is a leader in exceptional safety and security solutions in the state of North Carolina. We work with municipalities, manufacturing companies, schools, police departments, architects, commercial development firms, property managers and a number of other clients.

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