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Featured Customer Solutions 

“Carolina Video Security Inc. (CVSI) is a very integral part of helping us keep Catawba Valley Community College safe.  This was very evident in a recent incident that required us to lockdown the campus for safety reasons.  CVSI had the products in place to lock the doors and send the notification out to students and parents.  Both of these operations took place seamlessly and simultaneously. We at Catawba Valley Community College take the safety and security of our students and staff very seriously and CVSI works very hard to make sure the products stay fully operational as we never know when they will be needed.  CVSI takes what they do very seriously and we considered them a valued member of our safety and security team at Catawba Valley Community College.”

Emergency Notification System
Steve Hunt
Chief of Staff, Safety, Security and Health
Catawba Valley Community College 
Wireless Remote Surveillance Kit with PTZ Camera
Wireless Remote Surveillance Kits

“Carolina Video Security Inc. (CVSI) has been an outstanding partner with the Southern Pines Police Department.  I have found that with CVSI, quality is not an accident, but rather the result of superior equipment, intelligent product design, outstanding customer service and sincere effort by every employee to be the best.  The CVSI “Wireless Remote Surveillance Kit” has been an outstanding tool for the Southern Pines Police Department and has provided evidence for prosecution that would have otherwise gone unrealized”. 

Bob Temme

Chief of Police

Southern Pines Police Department

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